Robbery, Murder, and Gold Coins

Posted by BrayBree Publishing on 6/6/2012 to News
Robbery, Murder, and Gold Coins
I grew up in Jackson, Tennessee, and still remember when gold coins were found at a city construction site in 1985. Had they been buried during the Civil War or when it was illegal for people to “hoard” gold coins in the 1930s?

It was a mystery that was never completely solved–until now.

Author Thomas L. Aud, who has researched the subject for over 25 years, has written the definitive book on the subject. Gold is the Key: Murder, Robbery, and the Gold Rush in Jackson, Tennessee explores the life of George E. Miller, a 28-year-old attorney who was the clerk for the Jackson branch of the Union Bank of Tennessee in 1859. He lived in the bank building, and when local residents found it closed when he should be open, they discovered he had been brutally murdered. The weapon was a hammer he normally used for canceling checks; the only clue to his murderer(s) was the fragment of a burnt check in the fireplace.

Mr. Aud has thoroughly researched the unsolved crimes and offers potential suspects and motives. He also looks into the mysterious cache of gold coins and whether they could have been part of the stolen money.

Gold is the Key is the first book published by BrayBree Publishing, and is now available on our website. There’s also a sample chapter preview available for download on the Books page.

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