“Gold is the Key” Mentioned on National Geographic Website

Posted by Kevin D. McCann on 3/8/2014 to News
“Gold is the Key” Mentioned on National Geographic Website
Thomas L. Aud’s book Gold is the Key - Murder, Robbery, and the Gold Rush in Jackson, Tennessee, published by BrayBree Publishing in 2012, was recently mentioned on the official website of the renowned National Geographic Magazine.

“Who Buried the $10 Million in Coins Found by a California Couple—and Why?” (written by A.R. Williams) tells about a couple who found an old rusted can on a California hillside filled with gold coins and similar hoards discovered across America. Toward the end of the article, the writer mentions the discovery of gold coins on a construction site in Jackson, Tennessee in 1985 as well as Mr. Aud’s book and a link to its page on the BrayBree website.

Congratulations to Mr. Aud for this noteworthy mention in National Geographic!

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